Around Iceland on Inspiration


Around Iceland on Inspiration, this SAFTA award winning show from Cooked in Africa Films, shown on Travel Channel. In the last five years solo-adventurer Riaan Manser become the epitome of determination.

He rose to prominence when he became the first person to cycle 37 000kms around the entire perimeter of Africa – a feat that earned him the title “Adventurer of the Year 2006”. In 2009 Riaan set another world first when he circumnavigated Madagascar by kayak – alone and unaided.

This year, Riaan takes on the North Sea’s arctic waters in a six month, 5000kms circumnavigation of Iceland by kayak. Not only does Riaan have to adjust to freezing sub-zero temperatures, but this time he is not alone – he has an expedition partner, Dan Skinstad, who suffers from cerebral palsy.
This is an adventure series like no other: Riaan has to guide Dan through the rough waters and unfamiliar territories of Iceland, while Dan has to harness his inner strength to deal with his own personal demons. There are extreme highs, extreme lows, blood, sweat and tears.

This is a story about courage, friendship, determination and inspiration.