The Ride Of Sir Harry Whackalong Smite

The Ride Of Sir Harry Whackaling Smite, in 1834, the Sixth Frontier War explodes in the eastern settler districts of the British ruled Cape Colony in southern Africa. Thousands of Xhosa warriors pour over the eastern border laying waste to settler farms and Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Harry Smith, veteran of Waterloo and the Peninsula Wars is tasked with taking command of the British garrison in the settler capitol of Grahamstown. On the 1st January 1835 Smith leaves Cape Town and, utilizing the postal system of the time, rides the 950km to the frontier capital in just six days: one of the longest, fastest horseback journeys in recorded history. 176 years later modern day adventurers Barry Armitage and Joe Dawson attempt to emulate this heroic equestrian achievement. With 33 horses and the help of an extensive backup crew, they will recreate the postal system of 1835 and endeavor to match the furious pace set by Smith. Part epic reality adventure, part historical enquiry, “Chasing the Ghost of Harry Smith” documents this extraordinary journey in an eight-part, TV Series. Discover what it took to shape a country on horseback and whether modern man and horse can match the strengths and endurance of this remarkable historic man of action.