The Ride Race Across The Steppe

In The Ride Race Across The Steppe, Barry and Joe are back, and this time they go to Mongolia to take part in the world’s toughest horse race! The Mongol Derby is based on Man of the Millennium, Chinggis Khaan’s messenger system, which operated for centuries through one of the world’s greatest empires.
The race takes competitors through 1000km of Mongolian wilderness with fresh horses supplied every 40 km. There are no roads or tracks to follow and the route is a closely guarded secret until the day before the start. A GPS helps guide racers from one Morin Urtuu (horse station) to the next, but the route between is unspecified. Wits, determination and a large dose of luck will determine who is fastest between horse changes; there is no home ground advantage in this vast and rugged landscape.
Barry and Joe are no strangers to hectic historic messenger rides but this time they race against flesh and blood rather than the timetable of a long dead man of action.
Can they push themselves to win in this extreme environment, against some of the toughest endurance riders in the world while filming yet another heart stopping series?