About & Testimonials

As a Freelance Video Editor in Cape Town (South Africa), Jenine Lindeque has over the past decade built extensively on her editing, motion graphics and colouring portfolio. With her eye for detail and penchant for telling stories through visual narrative. She has the ability to cut for different formats, including drama series, documentaries, reality television series, adventure series, music videos, commercials and online content. She also has considerable experience as an online editor.  Over and above long-form projects she has also edited multiple promos, teasers and web content shown on BBC, Nat Geo, Travel Channel, Discovery & Food network. She is known for many things amongst her colleagues, including coining the colouring term “gorilla grader”, the delicious baked goods she makes when having sleepless nights and a very real & deep hatred for thick-stemmed wine glasses.

“She is a talented and versatile creative who brings a unique sensitivity and style to any project she contributes to. Jenine clearly has a wealth of professional experience to draw on and we consider her an asset as a collaborator, not only due to her obvious talent and ability but also through her strong work ethic and professional conduct.” – Louise Coetzer, Artistic Director at Darkroom Contemporary

“Jenine always gets the work done under tight deadlines, and with the utmost professionalism. I value her incredibly creative view (which always seems to come across enthusiastically, no matter the content) and appreciate the fact that she can so easily communicate messages in a succinct and beautiful way.” – Jules Mercer, Creator & stylist of all things tasty, Developing ideas to delivery

“Having worked with Jenine on various long-form projects I can recommend her skills without reservation. As an offline editor, she has the ability to communicate a story with great sensitivity and a quirky sense of humour. She has an excellent eye for detail but never loses sight of the bigger picture. As a member of an editing team she is unfailingly dedicated, reliable and committed to the quality of the final product; she won’t rest until she is confident the show is as good as it can be.” – Andrea Shaw, Editor for Showville South Africa

“Jenine is a wildly talented creative, colourist and editor. Her passion shines through in everything that she touches. It’s such a pleasure working with her and I always look forward to our next collaboration!” – Roshni Haraldsen, Creative Director / Post Producer / Lead Editor, End.Post Post Production

“Jenine’s intuitive understanding of your concept and project. She immediately puts you at ease; she just ‘gets it’. She adds immeasurable value with her very distinctive and unique take on the project at hand. Jenine approaches every project with originality, vision and artfulness. She understands us as a brand & she has the ability to communicate our message to our audience in an extremely creative and comprehensive way.” – Mareth + Colleen, MarethColleen

“Jenine is a talented, exemplary storyteller, and one of the most trusted moving images editor’s Mobile Media Mob work with – she performs well under the high-pressure conditions MMM operate in, has faultless attention to detail, with her expert colourist and visual narrative skills! She’s able to integrate seamless with MMM’s creatives, offering unique insights and perspectives, consistently delivering high quality, world-class work. We are most honoured to be associated with Jenine, and view her as a valuable asset in MMM’s service offering.” – Thoban Jappie, #MMMobBoss Mobile Media Mob

“Jenine is one of the most dedicated and professional editors in Cape Town. Not only does she work incredibly hard, she is also passionate about sharing knowledge and helping to build the SA film industry. She is an excellent collaborator and works well in teams due to her good understanding of people and her ability to get along with anyone. An absolute pleasure to work with!” – Richard Starkey, S.A.G.E.

(photo by Louis Hiemstra)